The Sociology of Aging at the Slovenian Sociological Society

The Annual Meeting of the Slovenian Sociological Society in 2023 put the sociology of ageing at the forefront of its conference entitled “Long-lived society: consequences and challenges”. The theme was chosen because the reforms for the health care, pension and long-term care systems were announced to be underway in Slovenia. The conference addressed the speed and magnitude of demographic change, which may herald the arrival of a new era in which a new way of managing social risks will have to be found, or an intergenerational contract will have to be redesigned. Of particular interest was the lecture by Prof. Dr. Sandra Torres, Chair of Social Gerontology, Editor-in-Chief of Ageing & Society and former President of ISA RC11, entitled “Civic Engagement in Later Life – Unleashing the Potential of Aging Societies While Expanding the Sociological Imagination”.