Submit information to RC-11’s newsletter by August 18th

Dear RC11 members,

We are preparing our summer newsletter. The RC11 newsletter is all about sharing your information with other like-minded academics, so we are eager to find out what’s going on in your and your community’s research!

If you have any announcements, news and information you want to share with RC11 members via our newsletter, please send them to Anna ( by August 18th.

We are especially looking for

  • Recent publications of yours (provide a citation and link)
  • Grants or projects you have recently been awarded (provide a short abstract and link)
  • Calls for papers or conferences (including date, place and deadline for application)
  • Job postings (including qualification level, institution and deadline for application)

Please be aware that our newsletter will be out in September, so we can only include those CfPs and job posting for which the deadline has not already passed by the publication date. If you have more recent accouncements to make, we are anyway happy to post them on the website and share them via facebook!

If you are a (new or long-standing) member of RC11 and want your portrait to be featured in the newsletter, please also get in contact with Anna!

We look forward for your announcements!

Best wishes,

Anna Wanka, Communication Officer for ISA’s RC11