New Book “Social Research: Paradigms in Action”

Social Research: Paradigms in Action

By Norman Blaikie & Jan Priest


  • Important introduction to social research, unique in helping readers to set the necessary philosophical groundwork to find solutions to social problems
  • Works through the three most common paradigms of social research
  • Includes extensive applications and examples of the paradigms in action in connection to key social problems of current times
  • Written by an established and highly respected author of research methods texts


“Norman Blaikie and Jan Priest have written a first-rate book on methodology and, as with Blaikie’s previous work, it is comprehensive, clear and erudite. It will appeal both to students who want to make sense of social research paradigms and the seasoned methodologist who will find much to inspire and consider.”

Malcolm Williams, Cardiff University


“Thoughtful, creative and groundbreaking, Blaikie and Priest have written a text that fills a core gap in many discussions of research. This is the importance of building in, from the outset, the role of explanation as much as description of social processes. A hugely informative read for those new to social research as well as seasoned professionals like myself!”

Christina Hughes, University of Warwick


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