The journal Sociální studia / Social Studies is announcing a call for papers for a monothematic issue with the working title Community and space in social exclusion in later life. The editors of the issue are Lucie Vidovicová (Masaryk University) and Isabelle Tournier (Université du Luxembourg).

For this monothematic issue, we invite papers looking into the dynamics of social exclusion with a specific interest in the community and spatial dimensions of exclusion. While risks of exclusion among ageing people are widening and deepening, damaging gaps in the understanding of old-age exclusion exist across Europe. Existing knowledge is poorly developed, lacks synthesis, and is spread across highly disparate disciplines. In this monothematic issue, we aim to try to overcome some of the fragmentation and critical gaps in conceptual innovation in the area of old-age exclusion across the life course. We invite papers that will address one or more of the following points:

(1) the synthesis of existing knowledge;
(2) the critical investigation of the construction of old-age exclusion along the life-course;
(3) assessment of the implications of old-age exclusion along the life course;
(4) the development of new conceptual frameworks on old-age exclusion;
(5) the identification of innovative and implementable policy and practice for reducing community/spatial exclusion in later life.

Papers dealing with international comparison are encouraged and early-stage researchers are welcome.

Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be sent to the journal address ( and to the editors ( More detailed information is available on request.

The deadline for abstract submission is 30th June 2017; full papers are expected by 31st October 2017The issue will be published as number 2 in 2018.

Social studies / Sociální studia (print ISSN 1214-813X, online ISSN 1803-6104) is a fully open-access journal, indexed in SCOPUS and ERIH PLUS. The journal has been published since 2004 at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, both electronically and in print. For authors, the publication is free of charge.

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