CfP: Workshop on Health, Morbidity and Mortality in Europe — and Beyond

On behalf of the European Association for Population Studies Working Group on
Health, Morbidity and Mortality; ISA RC41 (Soiology of Population) and the local
organising committee at the Medizinische Hochschule, Hanover are pleased to announce a workshop on
“Health, Morbidity and Mortality in Europe – and Beyond”,

to be held Wednesday, 4th September – Friday, 6th September 2019, at the Medical Sociology Unit, Hanover Medical School.

As in previous workshops, there will be no registration fee,
but participants will need to make their own travel and accommodation
arrangements. Further information (on the exact location of the seminar, local
transport, accommodation, etc.) can be obtained from Siegfried Geyer
( or from Jelena Epping (
Models of mortality are getting ever more complex, but the basic questions
remain: how to explain the decline in mortality, the differences in this decline and
mortality turnarounds; under what conditions are people living longer and how do
we explain the gaps in longevity between different sections of the population? Going
beyond material explanations, what is the role of social structures in explaining
mortality differentials: family, community, inequality, discrimination and the
provision of medical and social services?
The workshop will look at work being done to answer these questions, at both
the descriptive and the explanatory level. We anticipate that there will be about 20
oral presenters in the workshop, as well as posters, giving each participant ample
time to present his/her work and have it discussed by the whole group.

Researchers interested in presenting their work are invited to contact Jon Anson at with an abstract or preliminary conceptualisation by 15th March
2019. Responses and tentative programme by the middle of April, 2019.