Call for Papers – Special Issue “New Perspectives on Aging Futures” Journal Societies

Dear Colleagues,

This Special Issue of Societies invites manuscripts of original research that explore “aging futures” through critical and interdisciplinary perspectives from the social sciences or humanities. According to Nikolas Rose, “contemporary biopolitics is infused with futurity, saturated with anticipations of imagined futures”. How such biopolitics is connected to age and aging forms the theme of this issue. Topics may include the construction of “futurity” around aging populations, the biomedicalization of longevity, anti-aging culture and technologies, narrative visions of a good “old age”, speculative fiction and media, age studies and knowledge-making into future, new bio-gerontological forms of life, the future of intergenerational ethics, new age categories and standards, post-traditional life-courses, the globalization of aging, design futures for aging spaces, aging risk and uncertainty, new genres of meaning and identity, cities and nations of age, future temporalities and everyday life, and the political futures of health and care regimes. The overall aim of the issue is to expand scholarship beyond current economic, demographic and medical models of aging futures to encompass a broader critical thought space that looks ahead to what future probabilities and possibilities are emerging from the social, technological, scientific, governmental, imaginative, cultural and global processes of aging in the present.

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Prof. Dr. Stephen Katz
Guest Editor