Call for chapter submissions: Edited booked on violence against older women

Call for book chapters for an edited book:
Violence Against Older Women
Hannah Bows

This edited book proposal will be submitted for consideration to Palgrave for the Palgrave Studies in ‘Victims and Victimology’ book series. The proposed book will focus on violence against older women, examining the intersections of gender and age. Whilst there has been an increase in research and policy attention towards abuse of older people (typically termed elder abuse) over the last three decades, there remains a paucity of research examining specific forms of violence against older women. Furthermore, although there is some recognition and acceptance that intimate violence does happen to older women, the existing research is spread across elder abuse, domestic violence, health and psychology fields and there is currently no easily identifiable body of literature informing the issue.

As the population continues to rapidly age and older women outlive older men, there is a pressing need to examine the types of violence older women experience in later life and bring together the existing knowledge. The proposed edited collection will bridge these burgeoning areas of work together. It will be the first to draw together research on different forms of violence experienced by women in later life, offering important contributions to existing criminological, gerontological, feminist and elder abuse fields.

Submission deadline (abstract 250-300 words outlining topic and proposed chapter structure) – 31st October 2017.

Authors are invited to submit a book chapter proposal on any topic related to violence against older women. Submissions from authors researching outside of the UK are particularly encouraged. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

¥       Theoretical frameworks for understanding violence against older women
¥       Specific forms of violence, for example physical, emotional or sexual violence against older women
¥       Coercive control/violence and older women
¥       Patterns of violence against older women
¥       Understanding onset and victimisation across the life course
¥       The continuum of violence against women and the importance of age
¥       Homicide/murder/suicide-murder of older women
¥       Domestic violence or intimate personal violence more broadly against older women
¥       Other forms of intimate violence/interpersonal violence against older women
¥       Policy and practice responses to violence against older women

Please send proposed chapter abstracts to: Hannah Bows (editor), Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Teesside University by email ( Informal inquiries can also be made using these contact details. It is anticipated that complete first drafts of chapters accepted for the collection will be due for submission December 2017.