Dear RC 11 members and friends,

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at the ISA World Forum in Vienna in July! We have an extensive and exciting programme of sessions, which you can consult here:

We will also be hosting a reception for members! The exact details will be confirmed soon, but the date and time to hold for now are:

Tuesday July 12th from 17:45 until about 19:15 – at the conference venue

All currently paid-up members will be emailed the invitation to this reception so make sure your membership is up to date!

I am extremely grateful to our local contact in Vienna, Anna Wanka, who has put together the treasure trove of helpful advice for those of us going to Vienna this summer (or on another occasion!). This is really a great service to all of us, so heartfelt thanks go to Anna on behalf of all RC11 members. Anna has also very kindly offered to answer any questions that arise from this – her contact details can be found below.

Many thanks to our Treasurer, Lucie Vidovićová, who has set up a new Facebook page for RC 11 – please look it up, join and contribute content:

Do also remember to look up and contribute to our website - - all members are very welcome to add content to this website, whether it be conference alerts or ‘sales pitches’ for new books and other publications! For a reminder of how to upload content, you can contact Alastair Cox:

All the Best,
Virpi Timonen
President, RC 11

Third ISA Forum of Sociology
7th-14th of July 2016

University of Vienna (conference venue): Universiaetsring 1, 1010 Vienna

Department of Sociology: Rooseveltplatz 2, 1090 Vienna

Closest public transport stations: U2 Schottentor – Universitaet

Trams: 1, D, 71, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42 43, 44

Bus: 1A, 40A
More information on “How to get there”:


Anna Wanka
Room Nr. 319 (3rd floor),
Call 0043 1 4277 49211
0043 699 105 500 32

Department of Sociology
Room Nr. 318 (3rd floor)
Call 0043 1 4277 49240

Organising Committee

Restaurants nearby the conference venue

1. Café Maximilian, Universitaetsstraße 2
2. Café Stein* & Café Francais, Waehringer Straße 6-8
3. Café Votiv*, Reichsratsstraße 17
4. Deewan** (Pakistani food), Liechtensteinstraße 10
5. Einstein*, Rathausplatz 4
6. Gangl*, Alser Straße 4 (Uni Campus)
7.*, Ebendorferstraße 10
8. McDonalds, Universitaetsring 12
9. Uni Braeu*, Alser Straße 4 (Uni Campus)
10. Yamm (vegetarian food), Universitaetsring 10
11. Zwillings-Gewoelb*, Universitaetsstraße 5
12. Berg, Berggasse 8
13. Weltcafé, Schwarzspanierstraße 15
14. Cafeteria (“Mensa”),* University of Vienna Universitaetsstraße 7 (7th floor)

*offers set lunch menu (around EUR 6,50)
**pay as you wish

Additionally, “Café Landtmann” (Universitaetsring 4) is a landmarked, but high-priced option that you might want to visit as a very traditional Viennese coffee house.


Note: Vienna is divided into 23 districts. Due to its size and the good public transport, you can reach the conference venue from nearly everywhere in 20-30 minutes. However, the following districts are closest:
  • 1st, 9th, 8th – postcodes: 1010, 1080, 1090 – all of them are rather quiet and bourgeoise
  • 4th, 6th, 7th – postcodes: 1040, 1060, 1070 – Vienna’s hipster districts, best for shopping
  • 2nd – postcode 1020 – former Jewish quarter, most recent “gentrification” area
Lower Price Segment

Pension Baltic
Skodagasse 15, 1080 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-4056266
Price: Single 40€ (incl. breakfast, 35€ excl. breakfast) University Conditions
Double: 70€ (incl. breakfast, 60€ excl. breakfast) University Conditions

Pension Franz
Waehringer Straße 12, 1090 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-3104040-0
Price: Single 59€ University Conditions

Pension Lehrerhaus
Lange Gasse 20, 1080 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-403 23 58-100
Price: Single 56€

Pension Vera
Alser Straße 18, 1090 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-4062595
Price: Single: 55€ (incl. breakfast)
Double: 65€ (incl. breakfast)

Medium Price Segment

Pension Baronesse
Lange Gasse 61
A-1080 Vienna
Price: Single: 85,5€ University Conditions
Double: 95,5 € University Conditions

Hotel Boltzmann
Boltzmanngasse 8
A-1090 Wien
Price: Single: 82€ University Conditions
Double: 112€ University Condition

Am Schottenpoint
Waehringerstraße 22
A-1090 Wien
Price: Single 74€ University Conditions
Double 104€ University Conditions

Hotel Pension Andreas
Schlösselgasse 11, 1080 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-4053488
Price: Single 58€ University Conditions
Double 85€ University Conditions

Hotel Alpha
Buchfeldgasse 8, 1080 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-4035291
Price: Single 73€ University Conditions
Double for Single use 84€ University Conditions
Double 94€ University Conditions

Hotel Bleckmann
Waehringer Straße 15, 1090 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-4080899
Price: Single 78€ University Conditions
Double 102€ University Conditions

Hotel Regina
Rooseveltplatz 15, 1090 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-40446-0
Price: Double for Single use 105€ University Conditions
Double 120€ University Conditions

Austria Trend Hotel Rathauspark
Rathausstraße 17, 1010 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-40412

Hotel Zipser
Lange Gasse 49, 1080 Wien
Tel: +43-1-40454-0
Price: Single 89€ University Conditions
Double for Single use 109€ University Conditions
Double 129€ University Conditions

Social businesses

Vinzirast “Mittendrin” – Restaurant & Café
Address: Waehringerstr. 19, 1090 Wien (5 min. from the University)

Vinzirast’s restaurant “Mittendrin” was founded after the squatting of the University of Vienna in the course of the “Uni brennt” (University burns / Bologna burns) protests in 2009. With the squatting of the main University building by students, many homeless persons have sought shelter in the University of Vienna as well. When the building was finally evacuated by the police, the idea that homeless persons and students could continue to live and work together was born. Today, students and homeless persons share apartments at the Vinzirast – Mittendrin and work together at the ground-floor restaurant “Mittendrin” that serves mainly oriental specialties and set lunch menues.

the connection
Address: Garnisongasse 11, 1090 Wien (5 min. from the University)

The connection is a social business restaurant / café that hires only young migrants who encounter difficulties entering the job market. Together with a free learning space and a buddy program, the connecton supports young migrants in finding a job that suits them and gaining work experience. The location is very quiet and the menu offers sandwiches, salads and breakfast.

Michl’s – Restaurant & Café
Address: Reichsratsstraße 11, 1010 Wien (right behind the University)

Michl’s (named after Vienna’s mayor Michael Haeupl) is a social business restaurant offering job opportunities for long-term unemployed persons and disabled persons to facilitate their reentry into the labour market. It offers breakfast and lunch (set menues). “Michl’s Social Club” can be rented for receptions and other events. Products are fair-trade and the whole restaurant is eco-certified.

Vollpension – Restaurant & Café
Address: Schleifmühlgasse 16, 1040 Wien (20min from the University)

Vollpension (a wordplay that means in German both “full board” and “full retirement”) is a social business restaurant and café where retired people work as waitresses, cooks and bakers together with young entrepreneurs. The idea behind it is so offer socio-economically deprived retired persons a possibility to mend their pensions. Founded by two former marketing specialists, the location has since become a hotspot for Vienna’s young hipster crowd.

Magda’s – Hotel & Restaurant
Address: Laufbergergasse, 1020 Wien (20min from the University)

Magda’s is a social business that offers work opportunities for refugees. It comprises a hotel, breakfast/brunch restaurant and bar. They also offer conference / seminar rooms for receptions and other events.

Summer in Vienna

Note: It is likely to get very hot in July and ACs are not as common in Vienna as in other countries. However, there are some places to get relief from the heat ☺

Sigmund-Freud-Park / Votivpark
Sigmund-Freud-Park is a park next to the conference venue where the city of Vienna provides free sun loungers for students and other park visitors.
Danube Channel

15 minutes from the conference venue, the danube channel or “Vienna’s seaside” offers a wide range of restaurants and bars at the waterfront. At “Hermann’s Strandbar” you can relax in the sand and at “Badeschiff” you cannot only eat and drink, but also swim in the terrace pool of a boat that anchors at the Danube channel.

10 minutes from the conference venue, the Museum’s quarter offers a range of Viennese museums (Klimt, Schiele, Modern Art,…) with ACs but also a wide range of outdoor restaurants, cafés and bars, Vienna’s beloved “Enzis” (sitting accommodations) and a water basin. In the evening concerts, readings, dance or theater sessions take place.
Open-air cinemas

Vienna hosts a wide range of outdoor-cinemas (most of which are free of charge) at beautiful locations like in front of the church of St. Charles or on rooftops.

Danube Island

A little further from the conference venue at what Viennese people call “Transdanubia” (districts across the Danube) lies the “Danube Island” – a stretch of land between the Danube channel and the Danube itself. Built by Vienna’s social democrats to provide free leisure activities for the working class, you can sunbath, take a swim or just relax for free.

Viennese taverns (“Heurige”)

Vienna’s vineyard hills host many taverns with beautiful views over the city and plain cooking. They are ideal for escaping the inner-city heat. The ISA organizing committee offers guided tours through some of the most beautiful taverns.

Member Publications

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New article on peer support and social identity in residential care

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Loneliness and depression are serious mental health concerns across the spectrum of residential care, from nursing homes to assisted and retirement living. Psychosocial care provided to residents to address these concerns is typically based on a long-standing tradition of ‘light’ social events, such as games, trips, and social gatherings, planned and implemented by staff. Although these activities provide enjoyment for some, loneliness and depression …

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Member Announcements

WHERL project: Wellbeing, Health, Retirement & The Lifecourse

Contributed by Debora Price

WHERL examines the impact of extending paid work in later life on health and wellbeing. Funded by the ESRC and MRC under the Extending Working Lives Consortia Grant Call, WHERL is a three year academic research project led by the Institute of Gerontology at King's College London in collaboration with the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London; …

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