RC-11 Workshops at the ISA FORUM 2021  

In the course of the ISA FORUM 2021 (online) the RC11 offers two workshops for interested early career scholars: 

Please note that because ISA were unable to accommodate a longer session at the ISA FORUM online, we have created our own zoom link for this workshop. We anticipate that colleagues will need to move from the zoom link that the online conference has assigned to this workshop to the link below.

Participation is free of charge and no registration is necessary.

Workshop 1: Managing Everyday Life as a Research-Focused Academic

Abstract: This workshop is geared toward doctoral students and recently graduated PhDs who are trying to figure out how to establish efficient and productive everyday routines to manage a sustainable research career. The workshop will focus on some of the basic skills necessary to do this (from goal setting to database search strategies and efficient literature review routines, to name but a few). The presenter is the President of RC-11, who has been giving workshops such as these ones in the country where she is based (i.e. Sweden), as well as in Norway, Slovenia and Costa Rica to name but a few. Thus, although this workshop is not designed to offer tips that are country-specific, it is bound to give emerging scholars some necessary ‘epiphanies’, which will most definitely allow them to craft more purposeful strategies for themselves.

When: Sunday, 28 February 2021: 10:45-14:00 BRT // 14:45-18 CET

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Workshop 2: Writing for Publication in peer-reviewed journals

Abstract: Cracking the code necessary to manage publishing in internationally established peer-reviewed journals tends to be perceived as a challenge in the beginning of one’s academic career. This is especially so when one is struggling to grasp the difference between writing a research report, writing a book chapter, and writing a manuscript for submission to such journals. This workshop will address these differences, and will also give concrete tips on how these differences affect the ways in which one constructs the various sections utilized in a publication (from the interest-raising introduction to the knowledge-gap-divulging-literature review to name but a few). The presenter is the President of ISA’s RC-11, who has vast experience of editorial board work for such journals, and is, among others, the newly appointed Editor-in-Chief role for Ageing & Society. Thus, although the workshop will not focus on any specific journal, it has been designed for those who would like to gain insight into the international journals that rely on anonymous peer-review processes, and want know-how in order to craft manuscripts they can submit to these journals.

When: Sunday, 28 February 2021: 14:15-17:00 BRT // 18:15-21:00 CET

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